Bitcoin is breaking through

crypto Mar 17, 2021

We recently saw new all time highs in the price of bitcoin close to $62,000 USD as it reclaimed its market cap of over $1 trillion. This price action comes from a central theme: Bitcoin is here to stay.

Bitcoin investment options

Up until 2020, buying bitcoin has been quite difficult for the average investor. Savvy buyers have figured out how to deposit money into exchanges and buy cryptocurrencies but there are quite a lot of steps and risk involved. More recently, we have seen new publicly traded trusts, ETFs and mining companies that provide a means to bitcoin allocation.

Now, banks are getting in on the action because they are slowly realizing that a zero allocation is MORE risky than a non-zero allocation. Morgan Stanley recently referred to Bitcoin as a "threshold being reached" to become an investable asset class.

Bitcoin network effect

Lyn Alden wrote an amazing piece on Bitcoin's network effect comparing it various social and financial trends. She ultimately concluded that again, a non-zero allocation would be prudent for any investment portfolio.

Final thoughts

We believe that a non-zero allocation should be encouraged for any portfolio. However, we want you to fully understand the benefits and risks of Bitcoin as an asset class. An increased level of understanding of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will help paint a picture of what the future of financial markets will look like.

We have begun rolling out two digital asset products that we are very excited about which will give you direct access to Bitcoin and provide a means to benefit from price volatilities in all cryptocurrencies. More info here.


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